Virtual Linux server and client practice setup

This is a practice setup of servers and clients, in a virtual machine environment. It consists of a firewall which also functions as a router with NAT capabilities, a DNS server, a DHCP server, a mail (SMTP,IMAP,POP3) server, a web server (HTTP) and a client.

The setup is for practice use, and is not recommended for commercial use. Some security functions is disabled, to simplify the setup, and the server configurations is only for basic functionality.

In these examples, Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environment is used on a Windows 10 PRO host, although any virtual machine environment can be used, like VMware Workstation or Oracle VirtualBox.

CentOS 7 is the operating system of choice for all the virtual machines.

0.1 Overview

0.2 Prerequisites

0.3 Download CentOS 7

1.1 Install Hyper-V Manager

1.2 Configure virtual switches

2.1 Create Server Master virtual machine

2.2 Install CentOS 7 on Server Master virtual machine

2.3 Startup Server Master virtual machine

2.4 Configure Server Master

2.5 Export Server Master virtual machine

3.1 Create Client Master virtual machine

3.2 Startup Client Master virtual machine

3.3 Configure Client Master

3.4 Export Client Master virtual machine

4.1 Create Firewall virtual machine

4.2 Startup Firewall virtual machine

4.3 Configure Firewall initially

5.1 Create DNS Server virtual machine

5.2 Startup DNS Server virtual machine

5.3 Configure DNS Server

5.4 Configure Firewall for DNS service

6.1 Create DHCP Server virtual machine

6.2 Startup DHCP Server virtual machine

6.3 Configure DHCP Server

6.4 Configure Firewall for SSH access to the DHCP server

7.1 Create Mail Server virtual machine

7.2 Startup Mail Server virtual machine

7.3 Configure Mail Server

7.4 Configure Firewall for Mail service

8.1 Create Web Server virtual machine

8.2 Startup Web Server virtual machine

8.3 Configure Web Server

8.4 Configure Firewall for Web service

9.1 Create Client virtual machine

9.2 Startup Client virtual machine

9.3 Configure Client

10.1 Use mail service from client

10.2 Use web service from client

10.3 Use webmail service from client