3.3 Configure Client Master

4.1 Create Firewall virtual machine

3.4 Export Client Master virtual machine

• Open ”Hyper-V Manager” from the start-menu

• Select your computer name, in my case ”WIN10PRO

• At "Virtual Machines" select "Client Master"

• At "Actions" click "Export..."

• At "Location:" write the path where you want to store the exported virtual machines, in my case "E:\VM Export\" or you can click on "Browse" to navigate to the folder

• Click "Export"

• Return to "Hyper-V Manager"

• Wait until the export is complete

• At "Actions" click "Delete..."

• Click "Delete"

The virtual machine is now deleted from "Hyper-V Manager", but the files has not been deleted. You should delete them manually using "File Explorer", but you might have to close "Hyper-V Manager" first. The files for my virtual machine is located in "E:\Virtual machines\Client Master"