2.1 Create Server Master virtual machine

2.3 Startup Server Master virtual machine

2.2 Install CentOS 7 on Server Master virtual machine

• Open ”Hyper-V Manager” from the start-menu

• Select your computer name, in my case ”WIN10PRO

• At "Virtual Machines" select "Server Master"

• At "Actions" click "Connect..."

• Click "Start"

• Select "Install CentOS 7" using the arrow-keys

• Press "Enter"

• Choose your preferred system language, I prefer that the installation and system language is english, so I leave it at "English (United States)", click "Continue"

• I wish to use danish time and date format, so I need to change the settings for that, at "LOCALIZATION" click "DATE & TIME"

• At "Region:" select your region, in my case "Europe"

• At "City:" select your city, in my case "Copenhagen"

• Click "Done"

• I use a danish keyboard, so I need to add support for that, at "LOCALIZATION" click "KEYBOARD"

• Click "+"

Write some or all of the name of your language, in my case "danish"

• Choose your keyboard layout, in my case "Danish"

• Click "Add"

• Select the newly added keyboard layout, in my case "Danish"

• Click "^" to move the it up and make it the default keyboard layout

• Click "Done"


• Click "Done"


• Select "Configure..."

• Select "General"

Select "Automatically connect to this network when it is available"

Select "IPv4 Settings"

At "Method:" select "Manual"

At "Addresses" click "Add"

At "Address" write ""

At "Netmask" write "24"

At "Gateway" write ""

At "DNS servers:" write ""

Click "Save"

Click "Done"

• Click "Begin Installation"

While the installation process is running, at "USER SETTINGS" click "ROOT PASSWORD"

• At "Root Password:" write a strong password of your own choice

At "Confirm:" rewrite the password you just wrote above

Click "Done"

• When the installation is complete, click "Reboot"

The installation is complete and the system is ready to load