1.2 Configure virtual switches

2.2 Install CentOS 7 on Server Master virtual machine

2.1 Create Server Master virtual machine

• Open ”Hyper-V Manager” from the start-menu

• Select your computer name, in my case ”WIN10PRO

• At "Actions" click "New"

• Click "Virtual Machine..."

• Click "Next >"

• At "Name:" write "Server Master"

• Select "Store the virtual machine in a different location"

• At "Location:" write the path where you want to store your virtual machines, in my case "E:\Virtual Machines" or you can click on "Browse..." to navigate to the folder

• Click "Next >"

• At "Choose the generation of this virtual machine." select "Generation 2"

• Click "Next >"

• Click "Next >"

• At "Connection:" select "External Network"

• Click "Next >"

• At "Name:" write "System Drive.vhdx"

At "Size:" write "20"

• Click "Next >"

• Select "Install an operating system from a bootable image file"

• At "Image file (.iso):" write the path to the CentOS image file that you have downloaded, in my case "E:\CentOS-7-x86_64-DVD-1908.iso" or you can click on "Browse..." to navigate to the image file

• Click "Next >"

• Click "Finish"

• Return to "Hyper-V Manager"

• At "Virtual Machines" select "Server Master"

• At "Actions" click "Settings..."

• At "Hardware" select "Security"

• At "Secure Boot" unselect "Enable Secure Boot"

• Click "OK"